Most web sites that deal with walking in the Lake District have some sort of disclaimer section within them. So here is mine. There is a serious side to it and a not so serious side to it, it is not my fault if you cannot decide which is which
(that is the first disclaimer!)

Secondly, I acknowledge all copyright material, both intellectual, intelligent and not so intelligent! Such as, and not limited to, A. Wainwright, his family, and any company that holds copyright and publishing rights on his work. The Ordnance Survey for their maps, Harvey’s for their maps, Anquet for their mapping software, and any and all, but not limited to the numerous web masters who I have linked pages to. By the way, I can’t be held responsible for any content (or lack of it) on any linked web page. Come to think of it, I can’t be held responsible for anything that I might have written either!
Oh, by the way, thanks to the United States Department Of Defense and tv box windows for their loan of the satellites used by my GPS system (I will try and be careful cos I know that they cost a fair bit!)

I also gratefully acknowledge all rights of way that have been made available to walkers and climbers, If at any time we stray from the beaten path into private property I blame The US Department of Defense, as it is their satellites that help me and my GPS navigate, the OS and Harvey’s for their maps, and somebody else who’s turn it was to navigate, I was only following them!

As this web site is a diary of sorts it is not intended to be a guide or recommendation to any of the walks. It helps me, and others remember what we did and when. The time we took, the route we took, are what actually happened on the day. We don’t rush, we are not always totally prepared for what if’s but we always enjoy ourselves and return unharmed (most of the time!) None the less, we do try and be prepared, we do take into account the weather, and we always try to have a fun day.

I cannot be held responsible for any deaths, accidents, navigational errors, late nights, bad weather, traffic jams, or arguments caused by people trying to either follow or recreate a route, scramble, activity, recipe or anything else documented in this web site in any way, shape or form.

That being said if you like the look of a walk that we have done and documented go and do it! You might get wet, you could get lost, you’re legs might ache, but it will all go down as a day that you will remember. If you have a bad day on the fells, put it down to experience, that way you will appreciate the good days even more!

Someone once said to me “Take only memories and photographs, leave only footprints”, it sort of makes sense doesn’t it!

Above all else – be sensible, be safe, be prepared, leave it the way you found it, and ENJOY, not only enjoy android smart live tv box at home!