Fell Listings

A.W. divdided the Lake District up into seven distinct areas for the purposes of his Pictorial Guides. He chose natural geographical divides such as lakes, rivers, valleys, and watersheds to mark the division. As it happened the number of fells within each area worked out nearly even, ish!.

The Eastern Fells – 35
The Far Eastern Fells – 36
The Central Fells – 27
The Southern Fells – 33
The Northern Fells – 24
The North-Western Fells – 29
The Western Fells – 33

These 7 Pictorial Guides produced a total of 214 seperate fells. Each was the subject of a different chapter listing all sorts of information about routes up and down them.

He then went on to do a book 8 – The Outlying Fells which comprised of a further 113 named and unnamed summits visited over the course of 56 different walks. These generally lay on the periphery of the Lake District National Park.

  The Eastern Fells

 The Far Eastern Fells

  The Central Fells

  The Southern Fells

  The Northern Fells

  The North Western Fells

  The Western Fells

  The Outlying Fells